Tri-Con Three-peat


Come see Evan and Nathan at Saturday’s Tri-State Comic Con at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington, West Virginia! We’re making our third appearance there, and you’ll have the chance to buy the first printing of Support Group #3!




Hello, Supporters! It’s been far too long. We’re not quite ready to get under way with issue #4 yet, but here’s the black and white version of the cover to our third story, “M-O-O-N: That Spells Trouble!” The print edition will be ready for this year’s Tri-State Comic Con on May 31 in Huntington, W.Va.! We hope to see you there.

River City Con 2013

Attendance was great at the third annual River City Con in Marietta, Ohio, Sunday! We debuted our first print edition — Support Group #1/2 — at the inaugural River City Con two years ago. The next year, we brought Support Group #1, and this year we returned with Support Group #2!


That’s Evan above. Nathan not only has to draw all the comics, but he handles photographer duties as well!

As has become our tradition, we enlisted some of the cosplayers to pose with our books. Nathan’s Deadpool sketch cards usually sail off the table pretty quickly, so we thought we’d ask this guy for some help…


And after what Bryan Cranston pulled in San Diego, who knows? Maybe that IS Ryan Reynolds under there…

We didn’t have the same luck with Thor, but when he left his hammer laying around, Evan couldn’t resist the temptation.


(“Coulda sworn I was worthy…”)

Check out our Facebook page for more photos, then join us back here next week for the penultimate entry in Support Group #3! Is Wonder Wolf really going into space? Really?

Tricon 2013

We had a blast at the second annual Tri-State Comic Con, aka Tricon, in Huntington, W.Va., this past weekend. Check out this piece artist Nathan Arnold did for the charity auction, featuring many of our Group members and the Tricon mascot:



We had print collections of our first two storylines for sale, plus freebies like this coloring page featuring Space Hercules:


We also grabbed a few pix of some of the numerous cosplayers with Support Group #2.


We’ll be posting more photos from the day on our Facebook page soon. And we’ll be back next week with the latest installment of Support Group

Support Group #2 collected

Here’s the completed cover to the second print collection of “Support Group,” featuring the debuts of Greg Roman (aka Captain Atlantis), Sister Christian and the Narwhal!


You can pick up your copy on Saturday at the second annual Tri-State Comic Con in Huntington, W.Va., at a discount price. For more information about the show, visit And you can come back here Saturday, the day of the show, for the next installment of Support Group, on the weekend that also marks the two-year anniversary of the launch of our comic. As always, thanks for your Support!