About Us


Evan Bevins

Location: Marietta, Ohio

Group affiliation: OVAL

Arch-enemy: U.S. Census Bureau website

Current Work: Support Group , OVAL Presents

About Me: I was drawing comics before I knew how to write, having my mom fill in the captions. I eventually graduated to doing my own writing, although my artistic talents did not develop at the same rate, which is why I’m a writer. God has blessed me with a wonderful family, who don’t think it’s too weird that I spend so much time reading and writing about people who wear their underwear on the outside.




Nathan Arnold

Location: Davisville, WV

Contact Info: superman.fan1938@yahoo.com

Previous work: OVAL Presents#1(GHOST WOMAN- art) and a guest strip of SHORTPANTS ROMANCE (art)

Current work: SUPPORT GROUP (art)

About Me: I’ve been a comic book reader & fan for most of my life. My uncle started the ball rolling before I even started school..he quized me on Superman trivia every time I saw him. My cousin introduced me to my lifelong addiction around age 7 by letting me borrow his comics (sorry Darren..I’m sure I probably ruined one or two- lol.)
I was always a doodler in school (it helped me learn to multi-task) and went to college and earned an associates degree in art. One day at a fair, I saw someone airbrushing shirts and was intrigued. I went out and bought one and EVENTUALLY learned how to get a decent picture to come out of it. If you live around the Marietta, OH/ Parkersburg, WV area you may have seen a white GEO tracker w/ Superman airbrushed on the side..that’s me. My precious wife, though not a comic fan (who happens to LOVE Wolverine..or maybe it’s just Hugh Jackman) is MY biggest fan..so far! Oh, and I’m the father of 2 actual mutants..just ask me about it sometime! I’m just starting on the road to MAKING comics, so y’all watch out for me and I’ll try to keep it between the ditches.