About Short Pants Romance

Sam Starkey lived a life any kid raised in Paradox City dreams about.  As Triceralad, he played sidekick to an A-list hero, starred in the nation’s most popular television show and became a teen idol pop culture icon.  But those days are gone.  Now Sam is approaching 30 years old and desperate to put away the short shorts and the embarrassing memories of his childhood in the spotlight.  But a past as ridiculously dysfunctional as Sam’s can never be escaped, especially while he continues to fight crime as Triceraman, navigates a tricky relationship with Lily, his too-good-to-be-true girlfriend, works a minimum wage job and lacks the motivation to get off the couch after a couple beers with his slacker monkey roommate, Maurice.

A Web Comic by Jordan Lowe and Michael K. Easton


Saving the day…  after a six pack.

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About the Creators

1040897_177252035783416_79056749_o[1]Jordan Lowe


Jordan Lowe is a comic shop owner from Marietta, Ohio.  With a degree in English from Otterbein College, he
opened his store more to meet fellow comic creators than to make a sustainable, dignified living.  Luckily, the gambit paid off and he has befriended and worked with some very talented collaborators both local and not-so-local.  Teamed with his long-time artistic partner Michael K. Easton, he writes the satiric superhero “Short Pants Romance” and the all-ages “Heroic 9.0” web comics and more through their So Pro Comics imprint.  His work can also be seen in the Ohio Valley Artists League “OVAL Presents” anthology, the retro-flavored “5 Star Comics” anthology and “Stuck,” with artist Ansley McDaniel, available through Broken Icon Comics.  Jordan is also the founder of the annual River City Comic Con and works as an editor for Marietta-based publisher 21 Pulp with the remainder of his copious free time.


me1200Michael K. Easton



Michael learned at a very young age that he had a talent for drawing and creating. He has always been unparalleled in his pursuit of excellence when it came to being an artist. Perfecting his craft with ‘The Impossible Family Adventures’–a multi-generational superhero story based on members of his extended family, Michael K. Easton went on to be the artist and co-creator of the web comic ‘Short Pants Romance’ and the comic book series ‘Paradox City’ and ‘Heroic 9.0’. Michael’s work has appeared in various publications, working in different areas as penciler, inker, letterer, and colorist. In addition, he is a co-publisher with Jordan Lowe under their So Pro Comics imprint. By day, he is a self taught graphic designer, webmaster, and print specialist in Marietta, Ohio and by night an illustrator of the heroes that defend and protect.