About Me

Name: Michael K. Easton
Contact Info: mkeaston77@gmail.com
Location: Mid Ohio Valley
Current Webcomic: Short Pants Romance
Previous Work: Paradox City, OVAL Presents, Impossible Family Adventures

About Me: Learning his craft with The Impossible Family Adventures, a multi-generational superhero story based on members of his extended family, Michael K. Easton went on to be the artist and co-creator of the webcomic, Short Pants Romance and the comic book series Paradox City. Michael’s work has appeared in various publications, working in different areas as penciler, inker, letterer, colorist, and co-publisher with Jordan Lowe under their Axiom Digital Media Imprint. By day, he is a self taught graphic designer and webmaster in Marietta, Ohio and by night an illustrator of the heroes that defend and protect Paradox City.

River City Design


Short Pants Romance

Webcomic- www.shortpantsromanceonline.com

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