Captain Battle Redesign

Golden Age redesign

Created by Carl Formes and Jack Binder.

John Battle, a veteran of World War I, sees that another war is coming and decides to stop it before it can happen. He was wounded in the first war and doesn’t want to see that happen to anyone else. He sets up a laboratory on top of a mountain and begins fighting against warmongers. Besides his various assistants, such as his secretary Jane Lorrain, he is partnered with his sons, Nathan Hale and Captain Battle Jr.. Captain Battle also teamed up with heroes such as Lance Hale. He has no superpowers but has advanced technology, including the Curvoscope, which allows him to see anywhere on earth, a Dissolvo Gun which disintegrates matter, a gyroscope-like Luceflyer, and a jetpack. His enemies include Black Dragon and his Deaglos as well as Baron Doom



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